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Puppet Master

I began my career as a puppet master in Santa Monica, at a place called the Third Street Promenade where entertainers are invited to share their talents with the public. At the time, I was homeless, and I didn't have money to start a show, so I gathered lost toys that had been abandoned on the beach and manipulated them to dance to music for tips.

Since then, I have acquired a collection of stuffed toys that I have used to create several puppet shows on YouTube. Below are a few of the projects I have made.

photo with my uppets.jpg

Me, Silver, and Schrodinger spending a foggy day in San Francisco.

Jonny Lekrib Puppets.jpg

Me performing my live puppet show at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

(Pier 42, location 2-B)

Live Show


This is an online advertisement I made for my live show (2016). The live show occurred every Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to noon on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

Lil' Jesus and the LGBT Kids - 2018

Lill Jesus Banner 2.png

Lil' Jesus and the LGBT Kids tells the story of Jesus Christ, as explained in the New Testament, but from a gay perspective. The setting is in modern-day San Francisco instead of Jerusalem. The apostles of Jesus are played by the LGBT community. To watch this series, click here.

Trailer - Lil' Jesus and the LGBT Kids (2018).

Selena Gomez and the Time Traveler from Alcatraz

Selena Bannerr.png

In 2017, the singer Selena Gomez (who was represented by the Universal Music Group) shut down my YouTube channel. She said I uploaded a copy of one of her songs illegally. However, I used the song within the bounds of the law, as described under the legal doctrine of fair use.


In 2018, I created the show Selena Gomez and the Time Traveler from Alcatraz as a nice way of telling Selena that everyone deserves a voice. Because Selena is probably not aware of the actions of her organization, my criticism is kind.

PLOT - A time traveler named Jonny kidnaps Selena Gomez (who is played by a puppet) and teaches her about time travel in an effort to prevent the word from ending. (17 episodes).

To watch this series click here.


Trailer - Selena Gomez and the Time Traveler from Alcatraz (2018).

Selena Gomez and the Dinosaur Cowboy - 2019

cowboy Selena Banner.jpg

In 2019, I created the sequel to the previous series. Selena Gomez and the Dinosaur Cowboy builds upon the first by discussing free speech and censorship, but with a creative twist.


PLOT - An alien named Jonny, from the world of Kumet, works as a dinosaur cowboy. After the Kumetians recieve a message from planet earth, Jonny is sent to make first contact with singer Selena Gomez and tell her how to prevent the world from ending.

Selena Gomez and the Dinosaur Cowboy (2019).

Coming Soon...

Because free speech has become a controversial topic, this series has not yet been made available to the public.

However, in 2019, I created a trailer for the series and played it at various film festivals throughout California. 

pandora banner2.jpg

Selena Gomez and Pandora's Box - 2020

In 2020, I began creating the third series until Covid 19 shut down the world. I tried to incorporate the virus into the script, but ultimately, I began other projects. Only the first episode of this show was created and will probably never be shown in public.


PLOT - A man named Frank receives a mysterious package with 13 cassette tapes. On the tapes are recordings from the apostle John explaining how the events described in The Book of Revelation are the events that are happening in the world right now. John invites Frank to play a game and save the world.

Selena Gomez and Pandora's Box (2020). Episode 1: Fire Safety.

selgo Pandora ep 1 thumb.jpg

In Search of Selena Gomez (2022)

Web Banner.jpg

In Search of Selena Gomez is a show created for TikTok. The only goal of the show is to gain subscribers so I might be seen by Selena. Each episode is from 20 to 60 seconds long. To boost the quality of my show, I hand-crafted several original puppets.


PLOT: A time traveler named John is trying to reach the celebrity Selena Gomez to prevent the world from ending. The show features various figures from history who try to aid John (or prevent him) in his quest to reach Selena.

In Search of Selena Gomez, a new series on TikTok

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