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The Homeless Prince: 2015-2016

I arrived in Hollywood at the start of 2015. My goal was to find the actress Selena Gomez and teach her an ancient writing method used by the creators of the Bible. I'll be the first to admit how bizarre this sounds...

What Level of Crazy?

Fully aware of how odd my quest seemed, I needed to know, exactly, what level of crazy I'm dealing with? Don Quixote or Charles Manson?

Celebrity Worship Syndrome

Celebrity worship syndrome is an obsessive addictive disorder in which a person becomes overly involved with the details of a celebrity's personal and professional life.


Two of the most famous examples that illustrate this disorder include the murder of musician Selena Quintanilla-Perez by her obsessed manager and the stalking of John Hinckley Jr., who tried to assassinate President Reagan in order to impress the actress Jodi Foster.

In an attempt to avoid becoming like those guys, I decided to treat my quest to contact Selena as though it were a game with safety rules.

Celebrity singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez was murdered by her obsessed manager. This is the singer that Selena Gomez was named after.


John Hinkley Jr. tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in an attempt to woo the actress Jodi Foster.


The game

To win the game, I must contact Selena Gomez and try to teach her the writing method. The rules of the game are:

  • Do not solicit her in person.

    • no going to her house.

    • ​no stalking her in a grocery store.

    • no meeting her at a concert or meet-and-greet. It won't work.

  • Do not harass or annoy her.

  • Learn about her in a professional manner

    • no overly personal stuff.

    • only learn what is necessary to make contact.

  • Focus on Selena Gomez, not Alex Russo.

  • If, at any time, she requests that I stop trying to contact her, the game is over.


Selena Gomez, the game. 

The goal of the game is make contact and have a discussion. That's it. I'm not trying to become her friend. I'm not interested in stealing her panties.


I decided that if one attempt to reach her fails, I would try different lures, as though I'm fishing. After making contact and teaching her the method, if she doesn't understand it or decides the method is invalid, the game is over. To persist any further is pointless.

Homeless in California

My first night in Hollywood

When I arrived in Hollywood, I was completely broke. Unsure of what to do next, I began begging for money so I could buy dinner. That day, I met a street rapper named T-bone and he offered to show me how to survive the world of homelessness.

After spending the evening with T-bone, I was terrified. He drove me to Compton where I was almost raped. Then, I saw a man get shot, which caused his car to flip over on the intersection. I told T-bone we needed to help him, but he said, if anyone sees my white-boy-skin in this neighborhood, we would also get shot and our dead bodies would be raped.


Later that night, T-Bone drove me to the site where John Belushi was killed. Then, he told me that God is dead and the new rulers of the world were the giants that I saw on the billboards of Sunset Boulevard. After realizing T-Bone was not fit to teach me anything, I ran away and got lost.

While wandering somewhere in LA, I was like, "What the hell am I doing?  Bible codes?  Selena Gomez? WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?”

Me in front of Grauman's Chinese theater. My first night in Hollywood was an adventure.

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 2.02.39 PM.png

Learning how to be homeless

I spent a few days walking around L.A., trying to figure out what to do. I needed a plan.


I was afraid that if I got a job, it would consume me. I didn't come to California to sit behind a desk and push papers. I had already played by society's rules, and it ended in ruin. Now, I wanted to try something else.


Nonetheless, I was out of money and starving. If I didn't establish a plan soon, this story would be over before it began.

I begged for money, once. I'll never do that again.

This is a video of my first three months as a homeless person.

Santa Monica

After three days of walking around aimlessly, I was exhausted. I was hungry. I was losing hope. On the morning of the fourth day, I stumbled upon the beachfront city of Venice. In the distance, I saw a Ferris wheel. It glowed as the sun began to rise. The waves crashed against my feet, and I started to cry. I knew that if something didn’t happen that morning, the game was over.​

I followed the Ferris wheel onto a pier where an employee was operating the wheel. I asked if the park was hiring. He told me to go to the entrance. When I got there, I saw a gathering of people and large poster that said Job Fair. At that moment, a man yelled, "Does anyone know anything about language?” He was frustrated that half of his applicants did not know English. 

I raised my hand and said, “I have a graduate degree in mass communications.”

“You’re Hired!” he said.

I soon learned that I had stumbled upon the city of Santa Monica. That morning, as I explored the beachfront, I found the Third Street Promenade. On the Promenade, entertainers were singing, dancing, juggling, and sharing other talents. Everyone was laughing. People were giving money to each other. When I asked an old lady what this place was, she said, "This is heaven."

This is a clip from the first time I saw the Third Street Promenade. This scene is part of a larger series.

The Puppet Master

Third Street Promenade

The Third Street Promenade is a place in Santa Monica where people from all cultures are allowed to share their talents in public. People come here from all over the world to sing, dance, play instruments, juggle, do magic shows, and entertain. To show appreciation, observers leave tips. Some people make a living street performing.

In accordance with America's first amendment, the purpose of the promenade is to give people a place where they can speak freely.

To preserve this right, the Promenade operates under a strict set of rules. There are zones designated for entertainers, and zones designated for observers.

Performers have volume limits to prevent one show from dominating all of the others.

Also, performers are given time slots so everyone has a turn. This rule prevents one entertainer from monopolizing the entire street.

Me on the Promenade explaining the rules.


Technically, the promenade is a street. However, cars are not allowed. Instead, the space is used for entertainment.


Chelsea Williams is one of many performers who make a living by singing songs on the Third Street Promenade. Although performers play for free, viewers are encouraged to tip a dollar or two.

A puppeteer?

I have a lot of talents, but nothing I can do in front of a live audience. When I went to the permit office to get a license to street perform, I told them I wanted to do a variety show and listed several activities that I had planned.

Several days later, when I received my license, it said I was a puppet master. I told the office they made a mistake. They insisted it was correct. Therefore, that day, I found several stuffed animals that had been abandoned on the beach and turned them into puppets.

For my street show, I hid inside of a children's tent while animating puppets that danced to music.

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 12.35.35

Mikey and the Orphans

After a few weeks of trial and error, I had created a show worthy of the promenade. The show featured a variety of professional and hand made puppets that lip-synced to popular songs. The songs played on a 20 minute loop. After I got the hang of the Promenade, I quit working at the Ferris wheel to rely, completely, on making a living as a street performer.

I was proud of the live show, but it was only a means for survival. I worked the show for four hours a week, which was enough to buy food. The rest of my time and energy was spent trying to reach Selena. I decided I would do this through moviemaking.

An online advertisement for my Saturday and Sunday street show. I made between 30 and 50 dollars an hour from tips.

My first YouTube show

I reasoned that I might be able to contact Selena if I made a YouTube show designed for that purpose. However, at the time, I had too many questions about the biblical writing method to feel comfortable trying to explain it to her. Questions such as: Why was this method created? And why is it important?

Therefore, I decided that, for the first season of my show, I would not appeal to Selena directly. Rather, I would tell a story about a homeless man (myself) trying to survive in Los Angeles. But hidden within the show were references to Selena that could be used later to illustrate how hidden story structures work.

I called the show The Homeless Prince. By using puppets instead of real actors, I was able to do the show without assistance from other people.

The trailer for my first YouTube series, The Homeless Prince (2016).

Selena Gomez

At the start of 2015, the only thing I knew about Selena was that she was involved in nonprofit work. Although I was aware that she was a singer and actress, I didn't know any of her movies or songs. Therefore, I began researching her...

Selena Gomez was born on July 22, 1992. She is half Caucasian and half Mexican. She was raised in Texas.

TV star

As a child, Selena asked her mother if she could become an actor. Unlike my Bishop, who discouraged me from working with Hollywood, Selena’s mother approved. Her first job was on a television show where she worked for a purple dinosaur. Realizing that she loved filmmaking, Selena continued the career and was hired by Disney to star in the television show, Wizards of Waverly Place.


Then She joined a band, learned to dance, was in several movies, and became a spokesperson for several businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Health issues

Selena has been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease lupus. After suffering from severe organ damage, she had a kidney transplant.

She has been an advocate for mental health issues and revealed that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Selena's rise to fame came from staring in televisiion shows such as Barney and Friends and Wizards of Waverly Place.


Selena received a kidney transplant from her friend Francia Raisa



Selena was raised in the Catholic faith and identifies as a Christian.



Her involvement in certain projects, such as the film Spring Breakers, has created controversy because of the way these projects convey sex.

Recently Selena said, "I don't know that it's necessarily that I believe in religion, as much as I believe in faith and a relationship with God."

The controversial film Spring Breakers (2013) caused some Christians to question whether Selena was a real follower of Jesus Christ.



In 2016, Selena became the most followed person on Instagram. In 2018, she was the first person to reach one million followers.


However, because of the controversial ways that the media has conveyed her image without her permission, privacy has become a major theme in Selena’s life.

Furthermore, because so many people criticize her online, she keeps somewhat of a distance from social media.

Selena talks with Ellen DeGeneres about the negative aspects of being famous.

Why was the method created?

After learning how to survive as a homeless person, I returned my attention to the matrix biblical writing method. I spent many days in the Santa Monica Public Library researching scriptures and ancient mythologies to find answers to my questions. 

Comparing scriptures

One of the first things I did was try to apply the method to other books of scriptures. I already knew that the method worked on The Book of Revelation, but what about The Book of Mormon, the Quran, or other books in the Bible?

I started with the Quran and quickly discovered that the writer, Muhammad (or Abu Bakr Siddiq), did not use the matrix writing method when creating the book. This does not mean that the Islamic religion is false or that the Quran was not inspired by God. It only means that the rules used to write The Book of Revelation were not used to write the Quran.


Many books of the Bible have a unique writing structure that differentiates them from other religious books such as the Quran and The Book of Mormon.

Next, I tried applying the method to The Book of Mormon to see that the writer, Mormon (or LDS founder, Joseph Smith), also did not use the matrix writing method when creating the book. Again, this doesn't mean the religion is false. It simply means that the writer of Revelation and the writer of The Book of Mormon were not following the same rules when writing the text. But this begs the question: Why?

Leaving Mormonism

Mormons claim that God spoke to the people in ancient America just as he spoke to the people in ancient Israel. And The Book of Mormon and the Bible are evidence of these claims. But if that were true, why did God make the ancient Israelites follow a set of writing rules while letting the ancient Americans write however they wanted?

My answer to this question is that the God who spoke to John the Revelator is not the same God who spoke to the founders of Mormonism. This is important in my story because it's the reason I left the Mormon Church. Having read The Book of Mormon, cover-to-cover, several times, I can attest that it is an amazing work of literature. However, the structural complexity of The Book of Revelation suggests that the ancient Israelites were in a class of their own, far separated from all other cultures, including the ancient Americans. Thus, I have come to doubt the validity of The Book of Mormon as the word of God.

Leaving Christianity

Next, I tried applying the writing method to other books in the Bible to discover that most of the writers of the Old Testament used the method. Although several writers used variations (the Book of Psalms uses a variety of writing schemes), it seems apparent that Old Testament writers were all part of the same "club" (for lack of a better word). Likewise, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were also part of this club. Although every book is different, their inner structures are closely related and each writer demonstrated an advanced understanding of storytelling.

However, these similarities did not extend to the books of Paul (Corinthians, Thessalonians, Timothy, and so on). As was the case with the Quran and The Book of Mormon, the books of Paul appeared to be free of a solid inner framework.

This is disappointing because much of Christianity is founded on the teachings of Paul. If Christians abandon the teachings of Paul, Christianity starts to look more like Judaism.


Because Paul cannot be separated from the modern Christian Church, a person who does not believe in Paul's teachings can hardly call himself a Christian. For this reason, I left the Christian Church. Although I believe in Jesus Christ, I do not believe in the modern organization that uses his name to teach their beliefs.

The apostle Paul and the prophet Joseph Smith were not part of the same writer's club as Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.


Purpose of the method

In the midst of these comparative studies, I began learning the purpose of the biblical writing method:


In the Book of Exodus, the Israelites are mixed with the Egyptians. At first, this marriage benefited both parties. However, in time, the Egyptians began dominating the Israelites. They suppressed their religion, they forced them into slavery, and they slaughtered their babies to decrease their population. This was a marriage where one party had complete control of the relationship and the other party was drowning to death. This situation led to the greatest event in Jewish history: The Passover.

As the story goes, the Israelite prophet Moses performed miracles for the purpose of separating the Hebrews from the Egyptians. After the separation was complete, Moses gave the Israelites a book of laws that was designed to keep them separated from other cultures. And to further illustrate the importance of this separation, the book's written structure, itself, served to distinguish the Hebrew system from other systems.

Thus, the purpose of the biblical writing method is to separate Hebrew works of literature from stories that come from other cultures. By separating Hebrew stories as it's own literary genre, the Hebrews are encouraged to stay separated as a population. In doing so, the Hebrew culture can distinguish itself and avoid dissolving into other nations. In this way, the Hebrew civilization can live forever.


Moses separated the waters of the Red Sea in order to separate the Israelites from the Egyptians. Likewise, the purpose of the Biblical writing method is to separate Hebrew stories from stories that come from other cultures.

Biometric Code

In addition to preserving the Hebrew population, the matrix writing method also serves as a kind of biometric code. 

A biometric code is a program that analyzes unique characteristics to identify authenticity. Examples of this include technologies that use fingerprint or facial recognition.


The purpose of a biometric code is to prevent private properties from being stolen by granting access to individuals with approved unique characteristics and by denying access to others. In cases wherein two parties claim ownership of the same property, a biometric code can be used to authenticate the true owner.


Just as fingerprints can be used to identify individuals, the matrix writing method can be used to identify Hebrew authors by recognizing unique features associated with their texts.

In the case of religion, thousands of modern church organizations claim to posses the word of God. However, the matrix writing method can be used to examine their texts and determine true authenticity by searching them for the same unique characteristics that exist in ancient biblical texts.

Religion is like a machine

Having established the writing method as a way to differentiate Hebrew texts from foreign texts, I began categorizing religious regulations by their culture of origin. Up to this time, in my mind, the rules of Moses, Paul, and Joseph Smith blended together as though they were part of one system, but the system didn't make sense. Too many questions were unanswered. Laws contradicted each other.

It's as though Moses built a machine - like a car. And the car was of some kind of benefit to the community. Then Paul came along and didn't understand what the transmission was for, so he tore it out and replaced it with pumpkin seeds. Then Joseph Smith came along and didn't understand what the engine was for so he tore it out and replaced it with old tennis shoes. And now religion is a just a pile of garbage. And it smells bad. And everyone knows it's suppose to do something important, so people get offended when anyone tries to mess with it, but this machine isn't, really, doing anything but causing problems.


But the advantage to understanding this writing method is that I can differentiate which parts of the system are suppose to be there and which parts are foreign. I can separate religious fact from religious fiction. I can make a distinction between the words of God and the words of man. And in theory, I can get this machine running again and doing whatever it was suppose to do when it was created.

The Hebrew religion is like a machine that keeps the community alive. The laws are like parts of the machine. If people remove the laws or add laws that are not supposed to be there, the machine will no longer function.


Once the machine is running properly, I can make adjustments to accommodate for modern times. I can re-establish the machine as a product that benefits the community. Furthermore, in theory, I should be able to answer all questions about the law of Moses. This includes the question that has been silencing Christian authorities since 2008: 

  • Why is homosexuality against the law of God?

The Same-sex Debate

In 2015, I left the Christian Church and realized I was no longer bound by the regulations I was raised with. Therefore, I was faced with the challenge of deciding which rules I wanted to keep and which rules I wanted to abandon.


At the top of my list of rules to consider was the ban against same-sex relationships...


June 26th, 2015

That same year, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in America. Now, not only was I free from religious laws that banned same-sex relationships, but I was free from State laws that banned them as well.

Therefore, I began the process of passing over from the community of the Church to the community of the State. But then, I saw a problem: Not all of my gay peers wanted to passover.

Within the LGBT community, there is a group known as Side A Christians. Rather than leaving Christianity and finding a place that suits their lifestyle, they wanted to change Christianity to accommodate their desires.

The United States Supreme Court declares that the ban against same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. But why was the ban created in the first place? Are we tearing down a fence that was built to protect us?

Side A Christians

Within the LGBT community there is a debate regarding the biblical law which states that a man shall not lie with a man (Lev. 20:13).This debate has divided the population into two groups. One group - known as Side B - believes that the law means what it says. Therefore, a person who is both gay and Christian should either refrain from homosexual activity or leave the church.

The second group - known as Side A - believes the law against homosexuality is no longer valid. Some believe the law is misinterpreted. Some believe Jesus made it obsolete. Some believe that because everyone sins, the law doesn't matter. But they all believe that a person can be a Christian and also practice homosexual behavior.

Therefore, while the U.S. legalization of same-sex marriage should have caused an exodus of gay individuals from the care of the Church to the care of the State, instead it's causing a shift in religious policies. In some denominations, the ban against same-sex marriage has been lifted. In others, gay individuals have become preachers and priests.

Across the world religions are changing their policies to become accepting of same-sex relationships. In some churches, gay individuals have become preachers and priests. But who authorized these religious changes?

God's law

But God's legal system does not operate the same as man's legal system. While humans can vote to change a state and federal law, they cannot vote to change a religious law. Likewise, a judge or priest cannot reverse a biblical regulation. If these things were permitted, than what do we need God for? And what separates the Church from the State?

To change a law that is written in the Bible, either God, himself, must come down from heaven, or God must speak to a prophet who is authorized as a representative to make the change -- neither of which has happened. Although some believe Jesus changed the law 2,000 years ago, it does not justify a policy change in modern times.


That said, in 2015, when man's law transitioned to become accepting of same-sex marriage, religious regulations should have stayed the same. 

Merging properties

Had this occurred, America would have  two properties. In one property, same-sex marriage is allowed. In the other, same-sex marriage is forbidden. By observing this system of order, we have a clear separation between Church and State, and individuals are free to migrate to the location that they believe will give them the best chance of surviving and being happy. 

But instead, the two properties are merging. And just as the ancient Egyptians posed a threat to the Hebrew civilization, so too does the LGBT community pose a threat to religion (and vice versa).

LGBT refusal to leave the Christian Church is odd because our presence seems unwanted.  But I've come to learn (through Reddit) that the reason gay individuals don't want to leave is because many fear hell. After all, the State doesn't provide comfort regarding life after death. Therefore, many gay individuals try to have their cake and eat it too. They insist that they are Christian while refusing to obey Christian laws -- like a writer who insists his poem is a limerick even though it consists of more than five lines.

Don't misinterpret my argument. I'm not saying the LGBT community is wrong for wanting equal rights. I'm saying we're wrong for compelling an organization to agree with our values when they don't, actually, agree with our values. I'm saying we're making a grave mistake by trying to silence the voice of the traditional Christian. Have we learned nothing from the thousands of years when we were silenced by others?

Then, upon considering these arguments, I found an answer as to why I have acquired the biblical writing method...

The gay-Christian debate

I believe religions are created to help a community survive. However, people have different needs, and not everyone agrees on which path to take to ensure survival. For this reason, many religions exist.


The danger that stems from the LGBT community compelling the Christian community to live by their set of values is that they're saying, in essence, "You have no right to try to survive according to your own strategy. Rather, you must try to survive according to our strategy."


If this argument pervades, it has frightening implications regarding monopoly in America. And that leads to further implications regarding the collapse of the civilization. I believe the proper solution to this debate is not to force traditional Christians to be accepting of LGBT values, but to separate the two communities and see which of the two are successful in the years to come. 

But for a separation to be successful, the LGBT community needs an incentive to leave the Christian Church. And I think that incentive comes by way of the Hebrew writing method.


Because the daughters of Zelophehad felt that the law of Moses was unfair to them, under God's direction, Moses made an amendment to the law (Num. 27). Likewise, I believe that the LGBT community is in a unique circumstance wherein they can petition God for special arrangements. 

I believe the LGBT community should establish a new strategy for survival that is designed to address our unique challenges. And the Hebrew writing method provides a way for us to legitimize this strategy as an official religion.

Just as the Old Testament legitimizes the Jews, and the New Testament legitimizes the Christians, I believe I can write modern stories using the matrix writing method in a way that can validate the LGBT community as an organization that is approved by God. Within this organization, same-sex relationships would be allowed, and the traditional Christian community would be accepting of our system because of the separation that would exist between the two populations. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

Series failure

In the summer of 2016, I uploaded the 33 episode series of The Homeless Prince onto YouTube. As a beginner, I didn't know how to increase views or gain subscribers so my audience was limited to family members and friends from church. 

On April 27th, 2016, I released the last episode where I "came out" to my viewers. It did not go well...

I expected the show to be a success because my mind was still in 2007, a time when I was the king of moviemaking. But in 2016, everyone had a YouTube channel. Their equipment was better than mine. Their stories were up to date. Because of the seven year gap, it was as though I had awakened from a coma. I was out of touch with society.

When the series ended, I had only gained 99 viewers. My attempt to tell an entertaining story about a homeless puppeteer was, unintentionally, perceived as a cry for help. And because I knew little about the platform I was using, I failed to obtain an engaged audience.

What do I do now?

At that time, I had learned enogh about the Hebrew writing method that I was ready to meet with Selena, but because my show failed, I did not know how to make contact.


Worse than that, I still didn't know why Selena was important to this narrative. In fact, in my opinion, this story was starting to make sense, but this Selena thing is... just... so... out there....


But all of that changed in 2017, when I received an email from Selena Gomez...

future jonny.png

To continue my story, click here.

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