Music of the Spheres

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Title:             Music of the Spheres

Author:         Jonny Lekrib

Genre:          Allegorical novelette

Method:       matrix

Year:             2020

Publisher:    Looking for an agent


In 2014, I had a dream where a woman told me that, when the creators of the Bible wrote their stories, they used a writing method. Then, the woman showed me how the method worked and told me to use it to write a new story.

When I awakened, I applied the method to The Book of Revelation to discover that it was legitimate. For some reason, when the creators of the Bible wrote the text, they followed rules, and somehow, I had learned how these rules worked. During the next six years, I studied the method. Then, in 2020, I used it to create my story:


Music of the Spheres is about a man named Jonny who lives through a modern retelling of the Jewish Passover phenomena. This is a true story based on events that have transpired from 2008 to 2021. However, because my stories have been censored in the past, the narrative is camouflaged in fiction as an allegory.

The purpose of this page is to introduce the method that was used to create the story and to provide a sample of the narrative. Inasmuch, I will address the following questions:

What is the Bible writing method?


What is a writing method?

A writing method is to poetry as a recipe is to cooking. To make a cake, one is not free to add whatever ingredients they wish. Rather, the cook has to follow a set of rules to produce the desired result. These rules can be used to differentiate a cake from a pizza, hamburger or taco. Likewise, when an author uses a writing method, he is not free to write as he pleases. Rather, he has to follow a set of rules to produce a desired result.


For example, to create a limerick one must write two lines of nine syllables, followed by two lines of six syllables, followed by one line of nine syllables. Therefore, the poem will result in an AABBA pattern. Although no writer is required to follow these rules, the reward for doing so is that the poem can be categorized as a limerick as appose to a Haiku, a sonnet, or nothing at all:






Recipe for a cupcake

Recipe for a limerick

Outside of poetry, rules are also used, in a broader sense, to categorize stories into genres. These categories allow us create order from the chaos that would otherwise be present when walking into a library or book store. Writing structures allow us to make sense of literature. That said, how is one to categorize stories that claim to be of divine nature?

Was the Bible written using a method?

For decades scholars have argued that the Bible appears to have been written using various writing techniques such as symbolism, allegory, metaphor, and parallelism. But it is unclear as to whether these writing structures are required for the stories to be considered sacred scripture. 


Were the creators of the Bible free to write as they pleased or were they constrained by a certain set of rules that could be used to differentiate their stories from other stories. Can the books of the Old Testament be placed in the same category as the Quran and the Vedas. What makes these stories different from The Lord of the Rings?

In short, is there some literary thing that separates the word of God from the word of man? And if not, what is to stop man from impersonating God, creating false scriptures, or using religion for his own purpose?

Among those who believe the Bible might have been created using a writing method are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) who point to the usage of the chiasm...

Various writing techniques have been found in the Bible. These include symbolism, allegory, parallelism and the chiasm.

What is a chiasm?

A chiasm (chiasmus) is a writing method that arranges words or phrases so they mirror themselves to create an inverted structure. Thus, the first line matches with the last line, the second matches with the second to last, and so on. This writing method creates a story with an ABCD-DCBA structure, as shown in the example right:

The chiastic structure has been found throughout the Bible but little is known about why the writers used this technique or how important it is to understanding text.


However, Latter-day Saints believe the chiastic writing structure helps identify the Bible as holy literature. Furthermore, because their sacred text, The Book of Mormon, also has chiastic insertions, Latter-day Saints suggest that their book is as valid as the Bible in regards to being the word of God.


Below is a comparison of a chiasm from the Bible and The Book of Mormon.

An example of a simple chiasm. 

BIBLE chiasm: Jonah 1

BOOK OF MORMON chiasm: Mosiah 5:10-12

What makes the Bible different?

But does this mean anyone who writes a chiasm can call it scripture? Although other holy books (such as the Quran) also have chiasms, non holy books (such as Beowulf, Paradise Lost, and various works from Shakespeare) have chiasms hidden within their narratives as well. Thus, one may be justified in asking if these secular books may rise to the same level of holy literature as the books in the Bible - or whether the books in the Bible should be considered less than sacred.

However, I argue that a careful examination of biblical chiasms will show that they are part of a much more complex writing structure that differentiates these chiasms from those found in The Book of Mormon, the Quran, and other stories. Furthermore, the complexity of biblical writing structures elevates Bible stories into a literary category of their own because they employ a unique writing method that was created for the purpose of differentiating Hebrew authors from writers of other cultures.


Why does a Bible writing method exist?

The signature of God

The reason the chiasms in the Bible are different from chiasms found in other books is because the writers of the Bible followed a different writing method. The purpose for this was so Hebrew authors could differentiate themselves and their stories from authors and stories that come from other cultures. In this way, the writing method in the Bible works as a type of signature.

In modern literature, a signature is used to differentiate one individual’s stories from another. For example, we know the difference between stories written by Steven King and Agatha Christie because the author's names differentiate them. However, in our time, there is no technique within literature to prevent one writer from impersonating another.


For example, it is common on YouTube for an unknown musician to boost their ratings by claiming that their song was created by a famous artist such as Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez. Although true fans may differentiate fact from fiction, not all people can tell the difference.

The writing method used in the Bible acts as a signature that was created to prevent identity theft.

However, if musicians inserted a hidden signature within their songs, that signature could be used to differentiate a true work from an impostor. The writing method used in the Bible was created for this purpose. It was designed to differentiate Hebrew authors from foreign authors. It was created to prevent cultural identity theft.

The need for separation

The ancient Hebrews believed that differentiation was necessary for the survival of mankind. For example, in the Genesis story, Eve was separated from Adam for the purpose of reproduction. Without the initial separation of sexes, mankind would cease to exist.


And just as the sexes were initially meant to be separated, the Hebrews believed cultures were initially meant to be segregated as well. This is shown in many of their laws that forbid the people of Israel from breeding with outsiders (Ex. 34:11-16, Deut. 7:1-3).

Adam and Eve separated as male and female

The theory of panmixia

These reason the ancient Israelites valued segregation was because they believed that if all cultures mixed, they would blend to become the same and this merger would negatively effect the longevity of the population because diversity is needed for healthy reproduction.


In ancient Israel, this theory was understood after shepherds recognized patterns in the way sheep breed, but today the theory is supported by modern science:


Panmixia is a term that describes a population that is free from segregation. But research shows that when all individuals can mate together, free of regulation, over a long period of time, it has a negative effect on the genetic fitness of the population. To maintain a healthy species, some level of segregation is needed.

The lack of genetic diversity among cheetahs has led to poor breeding and high mortality rates. Conservationists are trying to save the endangered species by segregating cheetahs into a breeding system.

Merging of cultures

However, if a population stays separated from outsiders for too long, they may develop widespread community inbreeding problems. For this reason, there are times when external genetic information must be added into the population.


For example, in the Bible, Joseph (the son of Jacob) married a foreigner named Asenath which led to an era wherein the Israelites mixed with the Egyptians (Gen. 41:45) .

Joseph and Asenath: an interracial couple described in the Bible

Identity theft in ancient times

Although the merge of Israel and Egypt was necessary for healthy reproduction, it threatened the individuality of the Israelites. As explained in the Book of Exodus, over time, the Egyptians gained dominion over the Israelites; they subverted their religion and freedoms; they reduced their numbers by killing the males; and in time, the genes that made the Israelites appear unique faded so Moses (the Israelite protagonist of the story), could not be differentiated from the Egyptians. It was as though the Hebrew nation was vanishing into non-existence.

Young Moses pretends to be an Egyptian.

As the Exodus story continues, Moses pretends to be an Egyptian prince... But he wasn’t an Egyptian. It’s identity theft! But the purpose of the assault was to counter the Egyptian’s attempt to steal Israel's identity by replacing it with their own. This led to a miraculous event known in Judaism as the Passover.

The Passover

The Passover is a historical event wherein the merged cultures of ancient Egypt and ancient Israel were separated for the purpose of improving the genetic fitness of both groups.


In the Bible this event was recorded by Moses. According to the story, Moses parted the Red Sea and the Israelites walked on dry land from one side of the sea to the other. When the pass-over was complete, the Israelites and the Egyptians were officially separated with a body of water in between them.

After separating, Moses realized that that same danger that threatened the existence of his people, at that time, could emerge again in some future generation. However, thanks to the education he received as an Egyptian prince, he believed he could prevent the destruction of his community by using language as a tool that served that purpose.

Moses separating the sea for the purpose of separating the Israelites from the Egyptians

Language as a tool for survival

Just as differentiation is needed for the survival of mankind, differentiation is also needed for the survival of language. If people cannot separate words and meaning, they will lose their ability to communicate. If humans cannot communicate, we will regress into some animals. For this reason, language is a good vehicle for communicating the importance of population segregation.

Therefore, Moses created a sophisticated writing method that could be used to differentiate Hebrew stories from other stories for the purpose of reminding the Israelites to stay separated from other cultures to preserve the genetic fitness of their community.


From here on I will refer to the writing method as a matrix.

The matrix is a writing structure that Hebrews used to differentiate their stories from those of other cultures. Many books in the Bible were written using this method.

Why does a Bible writing method exist?

To put it simply, communities need to be separated to preserve the genetic health of the population whole. However, if communities are isolated for too long, their genetic fitness will decrease. Therefore, communities also need to unify to preserve the genetic health of the population whole. But this leaves us with two contradicting laws: People need to stay separated but they also need to come together

This contradiction is resolved with a system of order that designates time periods when populations are allowed to mix and required to separate. This system of order was created by Moses and its laws are stated in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible).

But Moses realized people would try to change his system, which would negatively effect the health of his population. To prevent this, Moses created the matrix, a secret writing structure that could be used to identify authentic Hebrew stories. Those who can recognize the matrix structure can differentiate rules that belong to the system of Moses from rules that were created by foreign influences.

The Torah is a book written by Moses, the leader of the Israelites. The book lists laws and teachings designed to keep the Hebrew community alive.

The differentiation of these rules helps to ensure that the original system of Moses will work properly in order to preserve the community. So how does this writing method work?


How does the Bible writing method work?

The matrix writing method

Similar to the chiasm, the matrix establishes textual balance by arranging words so they mirror themselves, but unlike the chiasm, the arrangements in a matrix are not limited to parallel line-by-line (or paragraph-by-paragraph) word matches. Rather, the balance established in a matrix is complex. The first illustration below is an example from The Book of Revelation wherein the words of the text that are associated with observation have been arranged by the writer to create balance within the whole of the narrative.

Another difference is that the chiasm employs only one layer for creation, but the matrix requires many (sometimes hundreds). Compare the first illustration below, which shows only one layer of the matrix, to the second, which shows seven. When a group of words that belong in the same category are isolated into a single layer, the image produced is orderly. But when multiple layers are unified, the image is chaotic. 


However, when all of the words have been divided into categories and isolated into layers, and all of the layers have been unified, the text produces the amazing image shown in the third illustration

1. One layer of the matrix structure found in The Book of Revelation. 

2. Seven overlapping layers of the matrix structure found in The Book of Revelation.

3. This computer generated image was produce after applying the matrix method to the entire Book of Revelation.


The discovery of this method suggests that all of the words that are in The Book of Revelation have proper locations. This is supported by the fact that, at the end of book, the writer states,

If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophesy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life. (Rev. 22:18-19)

Thus, the writer is warning the reader not to censor his content because the more the story changes the less the method will produce the intended image.


Compare this to a baking a cake. If a person decides to stray from the creator’s recipe by replacing flour with ground beef, the end result will be different from that which was promised by the creator of the recipe.

A cake made with ground beef.

Censoring the words of a story is like changing ingredients in a recipe. The end result will be different from what the creator intended.

Likewise when people edit the words of the Bible, the end result will be different from that which is promised by the creator of the text.

Its own literary category

Because Latter-day Saints boast of a writing structure in The Book of Mormon that is similar to the writing structure in the Bible, I applied the matrix method to the book, but it didn’t work. In other words, the writers of The Book of Mormon were not using the same writing method that the writers of the Bible used to create their stories.


Therefore, using the writing structure of The Book of Mormon to suggest that the book is as valid as the Bible (in regards to being the word of God) is like saying the two images below are basically the same... but they're not.

BOOK OF MORMON chiasm: Alma 36

BIBLE matrix: The Book of Revelation

After failing to apply the matrix method to the Book of Mormon, I tried applying it to the Quran. That didn’t work either. Then, I tried applying it to other books in the Bible to discover that this method works on almost all biblical books except those that were written by the apostle Paul. Whoever wrote the book of Thessalonians, Galatians, Timothy, and Colossians did not operate under the same writing regulations that were used by the writers of Genesis, Samuel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah.

This doesn’t necessarily suggest that the Mormons, Muslims, or Christians are reading fake scriptures. It simply means that when their religious founders wrote their sacred texts, they did not use the signature that was created by Moses to authenticate them as Hebrew religious figures. Inasmuch, they don't have the authority to teach the system that was established by Moses. 

Because of the unique writing structure used to create the books of the Old Testament, the four gospels of the New Testament, and The Book of Revelation, I argue that these stories belong in a literary category of their own.

Because the writing structure of the Bible is fundamentally different from other religious books, the Bible should be place in a separate literary category.

These books should be separated from other religious books that claim God as their author because these books are fundamentally different. Just as the DNA of the ancient Israelites should differentiate them from the ancient Egyptians, the inner structure of the Bible should differentiate it from all other books.

Replicating the method

If the writing method used to create the Old Testament acts as a signature that authenticates sacred scriptures, a person who can replicate the method can create new scriptures for the modern era. Accordingly, these new stories may be more worthy of being called scripture then the stories found in other holy books such as The Book of Mormon, the Quran and the books written by Paul.

That said, the next relevant question is weather we need new scriptures in modern times.


Why is the Bible method important in modern times?

The rise of the LGBT community

For hundreds of years the voice of the LGBT community has been silenced because of religious doctrines that discourage same-sex relationships. But now, for the first time in American history, people are listening to what gay people have to say.


As a member of this community, I believe our primary message should be to support free speech, but all too often, the voice of the LGBT community is used to promote the enemy we struggled so hard to overcome: censorship.

As the LGBT community grows in America, so does media censorship. Is their a link between the two?

For example, in the past Christians have voiced the opinion that same-sex relationships are wrong. Although I do not support that belief, I support their right to express themselves, even when I disagree. But in recent years, many outlets have censored the traditional Christian opinion and, as a result, Christians and gay people, who are normally separated, are merging to become one.


Today, many Christian churches support same-sex relationships. Although traditional churches hold firm in forbidding same-sex marriage, the threat of government interference looms. Just as the Israelites were subverted by the Egyptians, the Christians are being subverted by the LGBT community.

A solution to censorship

For the Israelites, the solution to the problem of censorship was the Passover: an event that clearly separated the populations from one group into two.


Likewise, based on my observations, it is my opinion that humanity is living through a modern retelling of the Passover story, and many of the problems that plague America in the year 2020 can be solved by separating things that are different that have been unified. This starts by separating the Christian and LGBT community.


But the problem that comes when trying to separate the Christians from the LGBT community is that gay people don't want to leave. Despite the fact that one in three LGBT individuals who are religious say the beliefs of their church conflict with their sexual orientation, over half of the LGBT population is religious.

The Christian and LGBT community  are usually separated, but because Christian opposition against same-sex relationships has been censored, these two groups are merging together.

One reason for this is because many fear that by leaving these institutions they will go to hell. And it's to address this problem that the biblical writing method is important in these modern times.

The method will divide the population

Just as Moses used the matrix writing method to validate the Jews as a religious people, and just as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John used the method to validate the Christians as a religious people, my intention is to use the method to transform the LGBT community from a scattered culture that is mixed with other groups into a new, unified organization that is isolated for the purpose of increasing the genetic fitness of the human race. The role I play in this Passover event is to write new scripture for modern times.

This new organization will work within the legal system created by Moses to establish a new religious system that serves the purpose of addressing the unique challenges faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals. The new scriptures will serve the purpose of dividing mankind into a body of people who understands the method and a body of people who don't. It will separate people who are gay and lesbian from those who are Christian and Jewish. These separations will spark a chain reaction that will further divide people into more categories. These divisions will have the effect of increasing the genetic fitness of humanity, as a whole.


It is for this reason that the Bible method was created.


Introduction to Music of the Spheres

Sample Chapter

My novelette, Music of the Spheres is the first story to employ the matrix writing method since John wrote The Book of Revelation 2,000 years ago.


Part one of the novel explains how the method was works. Part two uses the method to tell the story of a man named Jonny who lives through a modern Passover occurrence. To avoid censorship from the public, many true aspects of the story have been camouflaged in fiction. This was done by using symbols, metaphors, and allegories.


Here, I have included a pdf sample chapter of my story:

An illustration from Music of the Spheres (2020).

A textual comparison

Just as a recipe can be followed in two separate locations at two different times to create the same product, I have used the same writing method that was used by the creators of the Bible to produce a story that qualifies as scriptural literature. After applying the matrix method to The Book of Revelation and to my story, Music of the Spheres, two similar images were produced, as shown below:




In 2014, I had a dream where a woman showed me the writing method that was used to create the Bible. Then, she told me to use the method to write the story of the children of Israel as they exist in modern times. Because the method was legitimate, I spent the next six years learning about why the method was created and why it is relevant in modern times. In 2020, I used the method to write my story Music of the Spheres.

At the time of this entry, I have not published Music of the Spheres. I am currently looking for an agent and publisher.