The Chamberlain Society

The Chamberlain society is an organization that seeks out lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals for the purpose of relocating them into various positions within the human timeline. LGBT individuals are a vital part of the time travel program because of genetic behavioral advantages that are associated with same-sex attraction. Those who are hired will be refereed to as time jumpers.

LGBT time jumpers will be expected to take on certain responsibilities that help ensure that the community will survive after time relocation. All time jumpers will be required to take a vow of silence that will continue for the remainder of the jumper's life.

The Chamberlain Society will not be accepting applicants until 2020. However, all potential employees will be required to pass the Sphere Exam. Those interested in joining the society should begin preparing for this exam.

The Sphere Exam

The sphere exam is used to test an applicants knowledge of the rules and the history of time travel. Applicants who do not score in the 98th percentile will be rejected from the program. The purpose of this webpage is to familiarize the applicant with the historical section of this test.

An Introduction to the History of LGBT Time travel

By Jonny Lekrib

When I first considered the plausibility of time travel, I thought,


'if time jumping is real, then someone from the past would have claimed to have been from the future. But no one has made that claim, so time travel must not be true.' 

But I soon learned that this logic is false. The truth is that time travelers follow rules. These rules were created to prevent inconsistencies within the timeline.


One of the most important rules is that of silence. If a time jumper travels to the past and changes history, he could create a situation wherein he was never born. This is known as the grandfather paradox. To prevent this and ensure their own existence, time jumpers do not tell people what they are.

This may seem unlikely, therefore, I would like to compare a time jumper to a gay individual.

The Gay Secret

LGBT individuals have been a part of every community​ since the creation of the first village. Of course, we were not always labeled with the word gay or lesbian. Thus, a quit look through history seems to suggest that we did not exist prior to the Stonewall riots of 1969.

But a closer look will reveal that our voice, though silent, is represented in every story. Indeed, throughout history, we have whispered, as if to hide a secret.

Likewise, time jumpers dot the timeline of humanity. However, as is the case with spotting a gay person, spotting a time traveler can be difficult - unless you know what to look for...

The Rules of Being Gay

The modern interpretation of LGBT history suggests that societies have pressured us into silence, but the truth is that, until recently, our silence was voluntary; our position in the closet was intentional. This is because, just as time travelers have rules, so does the LGBT community. To break these rules is to jeopardize our own existence.

Humanity is a machine

Just as the brain is different from the heart, so is the LGBT community different from the strait community. Just as the battery performs a different function in a car then the engine, so does the LGBT population perform a different function in society then the strait population.

Understanding the differences between these groups, and the responsibilities each population has within society, ensures that the human race will survive. Thus, civilization can be viewed as a type of machine with different working parts. It does no good for the brain to try to be the heart. To do so would jeopardize the productivity of the system.

Jesus Christ and the Sinners

Two thousand years ago, a rabbi named Jesus Christ learned how this system works. He understood the different responsibilities that groups have in society. He also understood the important role that gays and lesbians play to ensure the survival of the human race.


Therefore, when Jesus saw that the Jewish people were banishing gay individuals from the Church, he realized that Judaism would no longer function as intended by the creator.


Therefore, Jesus gathered "the sinners", abandoned the Jewish name and created a new organization. Then, he taught individuals within the system how this machine is suppose to operate. In time, this organization has come to be known as Christianity.

The original Christian Church was created with the LGBT community in mind.

Are Gay People in the Bible?

Of course, when you read the Bible, you won't find the word gay or lesbian because those words did not exist. As stated in Leviticus 18:22, being gay was against Jewish law and carried the penalty of death. Thus, individuals who had same-sex attraction did not advertise their tendencies.

That said, the role that the LGBT community played in the New Testament is not explicitly stated. Nonetheless, to overlook their contribution to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is to miss the controversy that is at the heart of the New Testament. The arguments that led to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ were the same arguments that are taking place in society today.

The Nashville Statement

In 2017, the Evangelical Christian faith released a declaration known as The Nashville Statement. In this document, the Christian organization has expressed the desire to separate from the LGBT community. 

Unaware of the vital role that gays and lesbians play in society, Christians have become, today, what Judaism was 2000 years ago.

After the statement was released, the LGBT-Christian community responded with harsh criticism, stating that the Church should merge with, rather than separate from, the LGBT community.

But I believe that separation is the better move. Just as Jesus left the Jewish Church and began Christianity, it is time for the LGBT community to leave the Christian Church and begin a new organization. Hence, the words of Jesus in Luke 14:26, 

"If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother,

he cannot be my disciple."

Where Do We Go?

After separating from the Christian Church, my goal is to gather the LGBT outcasts and relocate them to various positions within the human timeline by way of a time machine.

Lil' Jesus and the LGBT Kids

Lil' Jesus and the LGBT Kids was a YouTube series I created in 2018 to enlist the help of the LGBT community. The 14 episode series shows a comparison between the events that are happening now and the events that happened in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

This narrative tells the story of Jesus Christ, as explained in the New Testament, but from a gay perspective. The setting is in modern-day San Francisco instead of Jerusalem. The apostles of Jesus are played by the LGBT community.

To watch Lil' Jesus and the LGBT Kids, click on the link below.