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What is the difference between a story written by a man and a story written by a god?


In the apocalyptic anthology, Music of the Spheres, author Jonny Lekrib explores an ancient writing method that was used to differentiate Hebrew writers from writers of other cultures.

Jonny Lekrib received his bachelor's degree in history education and went on to become a middle school journalism teacher. Lekrib studied semiotics for three years in a graduate program before starting his own film production company in San Francisco.

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The matrix is an ancient writing method that was used by Hebrew scribes thousands of years ago.


The purpose of the method was to differentiate Hebrew stories from stories that were written by people from other cultures. 

The illustration shown is a computer generated image that was produced when applying the matrix method to The Book of Revelation.


This image suggests that the ancient Hebrew culture was more advanced than previously recognized.

Lekrib's book Music of the Spheres is an exploration of this ancient Hebrew writing method. Inasmuch, the author explains how the method works and shares modern stories that were written using the matrix method. This is the first time this method has been used since the apostle John wrote The Book of Revelation two thousand years ago.

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A computer image that was generated after applying the matrix writing method to The Book of Revelation.

Time Jumper is a true story about Jonny Lekrib, a man on a quest to prevent the end of the world by delivering a message to pop culture icon Selena Gomez. 

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Lekrib Productions is a film studio that uses puppets, pop culture, and fictional situations to teach high concept principles to an adult audience. Subjects taught include quantum mechanics, genetic health, and ancient theology. Lekrib films have been featured in several U.S. film festivals.

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