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High School Extra Videos: 1997-2000

Power Outage

The power went out. I told everyone to go home. This is the video that originally got me kicked off the news.

Ultimate Frisbee championship

This is a video from the time our team won the state ultimate Frisbey championship.

Senior sleep over

North high tradition says seniors must sleep on the campus lawn on the last day of school.

420 Episode

On April 20th, we did a special episode with a smoke machine. Then it set off the fire alarms and everyone had to be evacuated. We were lucky we only got detention.

Star Wars Camp Out

This a video from the time me and my friends camped out for Star Wars tickets. Episode 1: Phantom Menace.

Senior Prom video - 2000

Striking Prom Court

After the prom court election ballots were tampered with, they had a recount and some of our friends were disqualified. For this reason, we made a strike against prom court.

Juan comes to Florida (2004)

This is from the time my high school friend Juan came to visit me in Florida.

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