Deleted Scenes

I have spent my life making films, but not all of them are applicable to my story. This page is for the videos that did not make the cut.

Below is my theme song for a show I created for community access television.

Outtakes from The Homeless Prince Season One

Season one of The Homeless Prince was about my life as a homeless person trying to survive in Los Angeles in 2015. This series was my first attempt at creating movies in seven years. The equipment was barely acceptable. The style of the show was much different from everything I created thereafter. Ultimately, the show was a failure because no one wanted to watch a series about a homeless man who was nuts.

This season is no longer available online because UMG shut down my original YouTube channel. However, I uploaded these outtakes to provide a feel for what the first season was like.

More Deleted Scenes

To watch more videos that were not in my story, click on a link below.

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