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Time Traveler - Episode 12-17

Jonny explains that separation is needed for a community to survive. Jonny's evil twin brother is introduced.

12. Earthquake

13. Jonny's evil twin

Jonny tells Selena about his evil twin, who is trying to destroy the world.

14. The LGBT community

Jonny tells Selena about the role the LGBT community plays in the time travel program.

15. A plea to Selena Gomez

Jonny makes a plea to Selena Gomez and asks her and Hollywood to stop censoring his messages. How can communication occur if people can't speak?

Evil Jonny surround good Jonny and Selena in the control room. The lost toys rebel against their puppet master.

16. The encompass

Jonny explains fractal theory. Selena wakes up from the dream. Jonny goes to San Francisco to look for Selena.

17. Fractal Theory


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