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High School Extra Videos  - page 2

North Salem High Senior Year Video: 2000

By Jonny Lekrib and Rebecca Olsen

Freshman Toga Party

Dress Code Video

This video talks about some of the dress standards at our school. At the end of the video me and some of the guys run around the school in our whitey-tighties.

Cheer leading Tryouts

One day, while anchoring North News, I said that cheer leading was not a real sport. After that, the coach challenged me to come to practice and try to keep up - which I couldn't. As a truce, I made this video for the cheer leading team.

Britney Spears Pageant

Robert and John enter the Britney Spears Pageant. 

Bomb Shelter

Rebecca, John and I break into the school's bomb shelter.


A news report on the cross country team.

Teacher Feature: Mr. Finck

I stole a copy of our English teacher's body building contest and showed it on the news.

Senior skip day

Senior skip day and clips from spring break.

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