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College Extra Videos - 2006

This is a clip from when some girls sabotaged our apartment but we didn't know who they were so we declared revenge on all of the girls.

Snowball Fight

Gingerbread Castle

This is from when me and my friends made a gingerbread castle but mostly I made it.

Banana Man Prequel

Birthday Party

Andy Goes to Preference

This is from when my friend Andy got asked to a dance by a mysterious girl but no one could figure out who the girl was.

Mullet Man

Mullet man was a film I created as a double-date activity. The girl was impressed with my directorial capabilities. But not enough for a second date.

Filmmaker's Workshop

This is an advertisement I made for the filmmaker's classes that I taught.

80s week

Me and Squirl

This is a clip from the day that we met our apartment goal of having no girlfriends.

Apex Alarm

During college, I spent one summer in Seattle, Washington working as a security alarm technician. This is an advertisement I made for the company.

Talent Board Commercials

These are a series of commercials I made for the university's talent board.

The Pillow Fight

Over a hundred students met at the campus square for a huge pillow fight.


The night me and my roommate found rats in our apartment and I had a plan to kill them all.

College Outtakes

Outtakes from my college videos

Student Teaching Documentary

I made a documentary of my student teaching experience. The following are a few clips from the film.

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