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The Passover: 2020-2022

By the beginning of 2020, I felt I had a good understanding of the ancient Hebrew writing method, and I was ready to use it to write my own modern story. If successful, this would be the first story to employ the writing method since John wrote The Book of Revelation two thousand years ago.

Then, just as I started writing, the end of the world had come. But before I explain that, let me rewind a little...

The Circle Club

In 2017, while searching through Reddit groups to find conversations about ancient writing structures, I stumbled upon a group that call themselves The Circle.

The Circle was an invite-only community, and although they let me listen to their conversations, only moderators could speak. However, as I listened, I realized that they were going through the same experiences that I was going through.

Many members had dreams where they were told that the end of the world was near. Some were given instructions to do certain things to prevent the destruction of mankind. Of course, their family and friends thought they were crazy, so they shut up about it. But within this community, they found validity. This was not a group of people debating a thousand ways the world could end. Rather, everyone was on the same page. It was as though they were all experiencing the same strange phenomena, but viewing it from different angles.


The Circle was originally called The Octopus Club. Its logo was adopted from the hydra symbol used in Marvel movies. As the organization evolved from a fringe conspiracy group into a reputable community, some of the more juvenile sentiments were replaced.

In time, members realized that they all shared one common trait: everyone was gay. Then they theorized that, perhaps, the gay movement is suppose to serve some kind of higher purpose. What if the reason the LGBT community has been silenced for thousands of years is because we have an important message that we're suppose to share at this critical moment in history.

Where's John?

Many members of the community debated whether the events described in John's Book of Revelation were coming to pass or whether the Bible was just fiction. Then, during the debate, someone noticed that Revelation seems to have been written in a peculiar way. In time, more members agreed that there is a unique structure to the narrative, and they started racing to figure out how the structure worked and why it was created.


They also noticed that the Bible predicts that the apostle John will show himself in the last days and teach people (John 21:22-23; Rev. 10:11). This led to a great debate over where John was located and what method he used to write the Bible.


Meanwhile, I knew the method he used!!!!! But I couldn't answer cause I was not permitted to speak within the community!!!!!! When I saw the requirements for becoming a moderator, they said I have to be a credible published author. But that's contradictory! How can I publish a book if I'm not allowed to speak???? 


I cannot begin to explain how frustrated I was over the simultaneous brilliance and stupidity of The Circle Club. However, I was happy to find a community where I did not feel alone.


Many people agree that the Bible seems to have been written using a peculiar writing structure. But no one has published a book that successfully explains how this writing method works.

Trying to reach Selena

The thing is, even if I was allowed to speak in The Circle Club, I still couldn't tell them how the method worked because I made a promise not to show the method to anyone until I showed it to Selena Gomez first. But Selena is the most popular celebrity in the world, and her Instagram proves it. And it seemed like, no matter what I did, I just couldn't reach her.

Dinosaur Cowboy

My theory was that if my show Selena Gomez and the Time Traveler from Alcatraz became popular enough, Selena might see it, understand that I'm trying to reach her, and contact me.

However, when the series ended in 2018, I hadn't even 1,000 subscribers. In 2019, I tried again with the sequel entitled, Selena Gomez and the Dinosaur Cowboy. But again, the series failed to gain a large following.

time jumper cover copy copy.jpg

Selena Gomez and the Dinosaur Cowboy (2019) is about an alien named Cain, from the world of Kumet, who works as a dinosaur cowboy. In the show, Cain visits planet earth and contacts Selena Gomez to tell her how to prevent planet earth from being destroyed.

Claymation attempt

Then I started realizing that my content is not ideal for the medium I was using. YouTube is a site where people go to watch a five minute instructional video, not an ongoing series with a complex story line. 

Therefore, for my next project, I made a short, simple, claymation music video of her song "Ring." At the end of the video is a message for her to contact me.

Selena Gomez, "Ring."  -Video made by Jonny Lekrib

My videos suck

The reception for the claymation video was awful. People said it was trash and that I need to kill myself.


Around this same time another guy did a similar video where he animated dolls to look like Selena, but his video did so well, Selena contacted him for an interview and put his video on her channel. Now, the guy's content is all over the internet.

That said, reaching Selena is not impossible. It's just that my videos suck.

Selena Gomez Doll is a YouTube channel that recreates Selena's videos but with dolls.

Film Festivals

The problem with YouTube is that, if I fail to captivate my audience in three seconds, the entire project is worthless. But what I needed was a captive audience; I needed to show my videos in a theater where people can't click away. Therefore, I decided to make a trailer for Dinosaur Cowboy and enter it into film festivals.

In 2019, I was accepted into 15 film festivals.  To increase my chances of contacting Selena, I only applied for festivals in California.


One festival was in San Francisco, and I was able to attend. My goal was to get audience feedback and determine what people really thought about my show (cause YouTube comments are not good indicators of audience enjoyment). Because my previous videos failed on YouTube, I was afraid to show my face. However, when the people watched my trailer, they laughed, they clapped, they cheered. The video was a success! At the end, I was invited to the front of the room to answer questions about the story and the filmmaking process.

These are a few of the laurels I received for participating in film festivals in 2019

hole in head.png
BASH_Official Selection_Leaf_30inx16.5in
Planet 9 Selection Laurel Award.jpg

The audience said they loved the plot. They said it was original and intriguing. They asked to follow me on YouTube. They called me the Indiana Jones of San Francisco... and they encouraged me to continue on my quest to reach Selena. But, little did I know, I might be running out of time...

Trailer for Selena Gomez and the Dinosaur Cowboy (2019). This video was shown in several film festivals in California.

The end of the world

Global Warming

The first obvious sign that the world was ending happened in 2018, when the United Nations issued a warning that if humans do not change our behavior by 2040, climate change will take the lives of millions, and we could enter an era wherein the extinction of mankind is inevitable.

Many scientists used the words "tipping point" to describe the threshold that our species is approaching.

In 2018, the United Nations issued a warning that if humans don't change our carbon emissions, we may enter the age of extinction.


Then in 2020, the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), created a global pandemic that threatened the survival of the human race. Governments all over the world raced to shut down businesses, schools, and churches in an attempt to slow the virus from overtaking our species.

Never before in my life time had the world changed so abruptly. Over a million people died, world wide, with the virus taking the heaviest toll on the elderly.

Coronavirus news coverage and timeline (2020).


The Coronavirus caused a chain reaction that led to high unemployment rates, curfews, strict law enforcement, protests, and eventually, riots.

All across America, people were rebelling against government regulations and police brutality. This led to people looting businesses, burning police stations, and destroying statues and other symbols of the country.

News coverage of the Seattle riots (2020). This is one example of what was going on all over the country.


In the midst of the pandemic and riots were a slew of wildfires, which were attributed to  global warming.


The fires caused the sky to turn crimson. Ash fell like snow.  It was like nothing I had ever seen before.


If the events of the year were not enough to convince someone that the world was ending, the photographs might. Visually speaking, the world had turned apocalyptic.

Coronavirus news coverage.

Media Abuse

Police Brutality

The straw that kicked off the 2020 riots happened in May when a police officer killed a man named George Floyd for using a fake 20 dollar bill instead of a real one.


What sets this event apart from others is that  the death was captured on film and uploaded to social media by a girl named Darnella Frazier. For years, people have been saying that the police are out of control, but now, because of Darnella, there was footage to prove it.

In Minneapolis, protesters burn down a police station after the death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement officers.

As stated earlier in my story, in 2014, a group of cops lied to me and said I was not entitled to my Miranda rights. As a homeless person, I saw many examples law enforcement officers overstepped their bounds. As an eyewitness to police corruption, it seemed to me that the men in blue felt they were above the law. Even the cops who might be considered innocent turned a blind eye to the behavior of their colleagues, meaning the whole basket is rotten and the system is corrupt.


It seems to me like there are no measures in place to keep law enforcement in check. Therefore, in my opinion, although the riots of 2020 may not be legally justified, they're not outrageous either. If corruption exists within the system, people might be right to rebel the system.

The hero is the media

In my opinion, the riots of 2020 were desperate messages from the public saying, 'If the people who enforce the law don't keep the law, why should anyone else?'

And, Darnella Frazier becomes relevant to this story because she showed that the media can act as a balance against dictators.


For this reason, after the George Floyd incident, people all over the country began filming police officer for the purpose of putting law enforcement in check.

Trevor Noah with a police brutality compilation. This is one of the best news commentaries I have ever seen.

Media brutality

However, while watching the footage of police brutality, I started noticing that many journalists and commentators were taken them out of context. In some reports, the police were framed for doing things they didn't do. Sometimes reporters omitted important details about the story to fit their agenda. Instead of reporting real news, media makers were reporting fake news and representing people falsely.

Plus, the new coverage of police brutality far outweighed any arguments in support of law enforcement. It was as though the police were not allowed to tell their side of the story. And even if they were, why would they? Editors were manipulating their image to be something it was not. For this reason, police officers began attacking the media.

At first, I was outraged. The right of a free press is part of the first amendment. But then, I wondered if there was any justification for it. If the media can act as a check against power, then what check is there against the media when they become abusive? If no power is free from regulation, why do we insist on maintaining a free press?

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not suggesting that the press should be censored. I'm saying that, for communication to work, the speaker and the listener must obey certain universal rules. If these rules are not obeyed, the system they use to communicate will naturally shut down.


And that is what we are witnessing in the world, right now: the destruction of our system of communication

In this video, Trevor Noah compares the police actions of two events to suggest that U.S. law enforcement is racist. However, he completely ignores the fact that in one event the man was resisting arrest and in the other he was cooperating with officers. This is the worst example of journalism I have ever seen.

In this news report, a journalist gets arrested just for filming. Were these officers justified for denying the reporter his first amendment rights?

Destroying statues

At this same time, people began destroying statues all over America. Although people claim that the destruction was to protest the glorification of slave owners, many of the statues that were destroyed had nothing to do with slavery.


The danger of tearing down statues it that they were created to remind society of lessons learned in the past. By destroying them, we are erasing our own history and dooming ourselves to repeat it.

The destruction of statues in San Francisco (2020).

However, as the media continues to represent people falsely, it makes sense that the public would tear down symbols of people. It's as though we are subconsciously saying, 'Let us represent ourselves.'

The right to represent myself

At this same time, actors in Hollywood began quitting roles where they played actors of other races. This was so people of those races could portray themselves.

In some ways, this is ridiculous because the definition of an actor is someone who pretends to be something they are not. Yet, at this moment in history, when false representation is raging unchecked, it seems like a wise move.

The Bible says that in the final days of mankind, Jesus is suppose to show himself to the people of earth. As of now, Christian organizations are representing him in his absence. But maybe Christians should learn from Hollywood and let Christ represent himself.

Jewish comedian Jenny Slate quit her voice acting role on Big Mouth because she was of a different race than her character.


Replicating the Method

In the spirit of true self representation, I decided it was time for me to fulfill my promise to God and write my story. I already knew how the Hebrew method worked, and now I felt that I had a story to tell: the story of the end of the world.

The Book of Epimetheus

My first attempt to use the method to write a story occurred in 2019, with The Book of Epimetheus.


Epimetheus is about a pirate named John who has the combination to a box that no one else can open. Then, he gets framed for a murder and uses the lock box to prove his innocence.

Because it was my first time using the method, I made some mistakes. Although the mistakes were corrected, the final product was sloppy. For this reason, I chose not to publish.

To download the pdf story, click here.

Book of Epimetheus Matrix.png

This is a visual representation of the matrix structure that I created for The Book of Epimetheus.

The Book of Epimetheus (2019) is about a pirate who gets framed for murder. 

Music of the Spheres

Music of the Spheres, is a 120 page (50,000 word) anthology book about the ancient Hebrew writing method.


Half of the book shows illustrations of matrix spheres that were produced when applying the Hebrew method to several books of the Bible. These illustrations suggest that the writers of the Bible used the matrix method when creating their stories.


The second half of the book consists of twelve short stories that were created in modern times using the matrix writing method. This is the first time this method has been used since the apostle John wrote The Book of Revelation two thousand years ago.

The book took me six months to write, but it is the product of a six year journey.

Music of the Spheres by Jonny Lekrib (2020).

mos book cover.jpg



Rev screen.png

These are visual representations of the story structures of The Book of Revelation and Music of the Spheres. One reason it took me six years to replicate the method was because I had to build a computer program that was capable of illustrating story structure (cause before this, none existed).


One last try

It's been over six years since I had my dream about the end of the world. Although I've been trying to reach Selena the entire time, I have failed at every endeavor. For this reason, I decided to give it one last try before calling it quits.

Pandora's Box

Selena Gomez and Pandora's Box (2020) is about a man named Frank who receives a mysterious package with 13 cassette tapes. On the tapes are recordings from John the Revelator explaining how the events described in The Book of Revelation are the events that are happening in the world right now. The show is designed to be an invitation to Selena to learn more. However, if Selena never answers, there will never be a second episode. 

Selena Gomez and Pandora's Box (2020).

Pay to play

People upload 500 hours of video onto YouTube every minute. With such staggering numbers, it becomes impossible to stand out among the crowed, and videos get buried as fast as they get uploaded. To help new filmmakers rise to the top, YouTube allows people to pay money to advertise their shows. 

Intrigued, I created a show called Ask John the Baptist (2019), where viewers could ask a puppet questions about Christianity and he would give answers based on the Bible. However, one of the real goals of the show was to test out YouTube's ad service.

Ask John Banner.jpg

Immediately, I learned that advertising works. For the first time, people were actually watching my show. They were commenting and subscribing. Even better, they were enjoying it. This seemed to be a game changer.

However, after a year of working with the service, I discovered that the success of my show was completely determined on the amount of money I put into advertising, which is not good for a homeless person. In short, I didn't have enough money to become successful on YouTube.

Of course, any business venture requires an investment. But should the flow of information, itself, be regulated according to finance? This bothers me because it suggests that, in America, everyone has the right to speak, but only the rich have the right to be heard.

This made me wonder: If no one can hear me, am I really speaking?


YouTube started as a platform that was a solution to censorship. They began as the alternative to Hollywood. But as rich media companies take over the "platform" and poor individuals like me are censored, it seems apparent that the YouTube dream was nothing more than an illusion. 

The video, "Me at the Zoo" (2005) featuring YouTube founder Jawed Karim, was the first video uploaded onto YouTube.  Although all animals have a home in the San Diego Zoo, people like me still remain homeless with no place to voice our opinions.

Broken promises

Toward the end of 2020, I realized I was in a contradiction. I can't show the method to anyone until I contact Selena. But I can't contact Selena cause no one believes I have the method (cause I haven't shown anyone). 


Then, I started to wonder how obligated I am to keep my promise. After all, I made another promise on a wedding alter six years ago, and I couldn't keep that. Why am I trying to establish myself as a man of my word when, in the past, I was unable to keep my word?

The truth is, if I can't make contact with Selena, everything I've these last six years has been for nothing - unless I censor her from my story, the same way she tried to censor me from YouTube.

In the Bible, there's a story of a king named Ahasuerus who made a request for his wife, Vashti, to present herself before him. However, Vashti refused to come in an attempt to start a feud between the men and women in the kingdom. In retribution, the king banished the queen and chose other women to fill her place. (Esther 1-2)

Likewise, If I can't contact Selena, I don't see any other option than to bypass whatever role she might have played in this story and publish my research for other people to see.


I'm not suggesting that her inclusion in this story is a flaw. Without Selena, I would never have learned about Hollywood's attempt to censor the public. But now that I know, I ask myself: Why am I trying to communicate with people who don't want to communicate with me?

If Selena comes to San Francisco to speak with me, then I will speak with her. If Hollywood gives me a place on YouTube where I can speak with them, then I will speak with them. If not, I will censor them from my story and give my words to other people who want to know what I have to say.


In the Bible, Queen Vashti refused to appear before the king. Therefore, the king censored her from the kingdom. In the end, her role in the story was very small. (Esther 1-2)

A clip from The Sword in the Stone (Disney, 1963).

To Be Continued...

My story is not finished. However, this is where I'm at in this moment. The date is April 19th, 2021. I am currently living in San Francisco, and I have started looking for an agent to publish my book. But now that you have read my story, I know what you're thinking: What does any of this have to do with time travel?...

People think the word apocalypse means the end of the world, but it doesn't. Apocalypse means, to uncover something that was hidden. It means: to remove the censor. Although censorship has its place and time, if a society is not careful about what they censor, they will edit themselves out of existence. However, if a civilization removes the censor, so those who were silent are allowed to speak, it's possible that the people of the world will see something they've never seen before or remember something they forgot, so long ago.

Long ago, there was a man named Adam. According to the Bible, Adam was the first human who ever lived. His occupation was that of a taxonomy. His job was to separate things into categories and give them names (Gen. 2:19). He differentiated the land from the sea, the fish from the birds, the Church from the State, and fact from fiction. But the very last thing he named was the woman.

Today, once again, humans are tasked with the challenge of differentiating the man from the woman. Although this has already been done thousands of years ago, for some reason, we're doing it again. Thus, when I look at the picture of Adam in the distant past, I see an image of myself in the near future. However, there is one important difference between then and now...

In the beginning, Adam was learning how to say words. But now, humans have mastered the art of storytelling. And this makes me wonder: What is the difference between a story written by man and a story written by God?


And more than that I wonder: Who is the author of the Bible?


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