Chapter Eleven

As 2017 approached, I continued trying to make contact with celebrity Selena Gomez to teach her the ancient writing method used by the creators of the Bible.


Because of the absurdity of this endeavor, I spoke of my pursuits to no one. My only friends were lost toys that had been abandoned on the Santa Monica beach. I used the toys to create a YouTube series, The Homeless Prince, hoping that the show would put me in a position to communicate with Selena. But after the failure of the series, I did not know how to proceed.


Then, I got an e-mail from Selena...


The Homeless Prince featured a lot of copyrighted material. Therefore, before creating the show, I immersed myself in the dos and don’ts of copyright law. Within our legal system, there’s a doctrine known as fair use which permits the use of copyrighted material without permission from the creator when used in certain ways for certain reasons. For example, I chose not to gain any revenue from my show so I would not owe anyone money for using their material. Also, I made the show educational by teaching genetics, quantum mechanics and other scientific theories.


By way of fair use, I did not expect to encounter legal issues because of my show. However, one day, I got an e-mail from Selena Gomez, who was represented by the Universal Music Group (UMG), telling me that an episode of my show was in violation of copyright law. Although the episode included a clip from one of Selena's songs, I felt it was justified under fair use. therefore, I told UMG that if they, truly, believed that I was violating the law, they would have to challenge me in court.

After that, my show received a flood of copyright takedown notices. It felt as though I had been put on a watch list. Every time I uploaded anything I was bombarded with legal threats. They were so numerous that addressing them became a full time job, taking several hours a day. With each accusation against me, an episode of my show was taken down so the story was spotty and nonsensical.


In many cases, after going through YouTube's counter notification process, the episode was removed permanently, without allowing me to be judged by fellow peers through the judicial system.

Selena's Evil Twin

As stated in the rules of the game, my intentions were not to harass or annoy Selena. I decided that if these requests were legitimately from her, I would shut down my show - no questions asked - game over. But there was nothing to suggest that Selena had watched a single episode. I bet she didn't even know who I was. I wondered if UMG was falsely representing her. Perhaps they were using her name to say things that Selena would never say.

Having spent the last two years researching Selena, I felt that she had become my friend, in a parasocial way. Unlike many celebrities, Selena communicates with her fans. She is an advocate of free speech. She has said, on many occasions, that everyone deserved to have a voice.

So why was Selena trying to shut down my voice?

Coincidentally, UMG headquarters was located in Santa Monica. So, I went there. I asked to speak with Selena, face-to-face, to confirm that she wanted my show taken down. I was told that UMG does not handle copyright issues in person. 


I was told that I would have to continue speaking to representatives. Then, a security guard slammed the door in my face. I started to cry, but three of my Lost Toys comforted me. I filmed the encounter. It is shown in the video below.


I was also frustrated by YouTube’s seemingly contradictory policies. Does YouTube have the right to prevent users from speaking while advertising a name that suggests that users are in control? Celebrities have many platforms where they can be heard. I thought YouTube was for the rest of us. If YouTube is controlled by Hollywood, then where do we go to speak our voice?


I tried e-mailing YouTube for answers. I was given an auto-message that said YouTube does not address copyright issues outside of the counter notification process. Finally, I researched their address to see that their headquarters is in San Francisco. Frustrated to the point of relocation, I packed my show and traveled to the mecca of the LGBT community to speak to a representative of YouTube face-to-face.

San Francisco

I arrived in San Francisco at the start of 2017. When I went to YouTube headquarters, security escorted me off the property and told me that YouTube does not address complaints in person. I was told that YouTube has the right to remain silent to my queries. If they do not choose to respond to my e-mails, there is nothing I can do.

I felt that, in this situation, YouTube does NOT have the right to remain silent. Their policies contradict themselves. Their advertisements are misleading. Do they stand by fair use or not? Does their company represent the voice of Hollywood or the voice of users who have separated themselves from Hollywood? I felt that YouTube was abusing America’s system of communication.

Season Two

Frustrated at the treatment of my show, season two of The Homeless Prince, was created, partly, as criticism against celebrity bullying. In the show, I asked a lot of questions about the ethical nature of UMG’s behavior. And then, it happened…

My entire channel was shut down!

A Secret Contract

I received an e-mail from YouTube telling me that they had made an undisclosed agreement with UMG. In time, I learned that YouTube had given UMG the power to shut down any video for any reason. Then, for the first time, I realized the true nature of the argument...

This whole time, I thought I was waging a war for freedom of speech. But, as it turns out, this is a war about property rights.

Property Law

Because YouTube is a private business, they have the right, within their property, to shut down any voice for any reason. The same goes for any business. That's why McDonalds displays a sign that says, 'We have the right to refuse service to anyone!' Although U.S. law applies in public places, in private locations the owner is the king and can dictate his own regulations.

Private Contracts

Businesses also have the right to make agreements with other businesses that are not made known to the public, such as the contract between UMG and YouTube.


But what is to stop a company, like UMG, from making secret agreements with all video sharing websites so no one else can speak? What is to stop a company, like UMG, from making secret agreements with all search engine companies so no one else can be located?


So long as contracts may be private, America has created a situation wherein a monopoly can take place by way of a hidden monarch...America is creating God.

The Problem with God

A monarch is not, necessarily, a bad thing. The Bible suggests that God, himself, operates by way of a kingdom. A monopoly, however, is bad. If one king has control of all of mankind, and he establishes laws that unintentionally destroy the people within his kingdom, then our entire species will be extinct, like the dinosaurs.


A monarchy can only be safe for the human race, when multiple monarchs exist and property is divided and clearly labeled. Furthermore, the monarchs must operate under different legal systems. This way, if one system results in the death of the population, our species may survive through another community.


That said, the only way the God of Israel can truly be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, is if he has a method for separating individuals and communities. Hence, in the Bible, when Jesus Christ describes the messiah, he states that when he comes,


"He will separate them one from another,

as a shepherd divides the sheep from the goats."


That said, the God of Israel is not a god of monopoly (Matthew 25:31-32). 


But in America, people are not separating, we are mixing. There is no methodic division between communities. There is no division between storytellers. There is no way to differentiate men from women. There are no boundaries between people who are married and people who are not.

And thus, God’s reason for dividing me from Rashel…

My Affair with Hollywood

As a Christian, I was affianced to Christianity. But throughout my life, I had been having a secret affair with Hollywood. So long as I served two masters, so long as I had two wives, so long as I owned two properties, my actions were a threat to freedom of speech:


Had I become a moviemaker in 2007, I would have joined Hollywood in supporting same-sex marriage. I would have become a voice for Hollywood, disguised as a voice for Christianity. I would have blurred the boundary that exists between the two at the cost of destroying the true voice of the Christian. Instead, I married Rashel and separated myself from the media. 


But as Hollywood merged with Christianity, it effected my isolation. The rules changed. Things that were against the law have become legal. Then, when the system reached a tipping point wherein the merge threatened the voice of the Christian people, God asked me to separate from Rashel and the Christian church and to relocate to Hollywood for the purpose of re-establishing the boundary that is suppose to exist between storytellers.


And as proof that this mission was divinely appointed, I have been given a writing method to offer, as a gift, to the people of Hollywood, the greatest storytellers in the world. In time, this method will be recognized as the dividing line.

And now, having been banished from Christianity, I am no longer forbidden from becoming a filmmaker...

Lil' Jesus and the LGBT Kids

After my YouTube channel was shut down, I created a new channel: LGBT-Christian. I focused the content on The Lost Toys, instead of myself.


In 2018, I uploaded Lil’ Jesus and the LGBT Kids onto YouTube. It tells the story of Jesus Christ from a gay perspective. The show was modernized as a parable set in San Francisco with Christ’s apostles represented as the LGBT community.

The show gained 300 viewers, which is a good start. Most of the viewers were LGBT individuals, although many were children as well. Click the banner below to watch the series.

Queen Esther

There is a story in the Bible about a Queen named Esther who has a servant who secretly passes a law that legalizes the genocide of the Jewish people. Although Esther is unaware of the law, her uncle, Mordecai, realizes what’s happened and asks the Queen to reverse the law.

When she learns of the genocide attempt, Esther creates a plan designed to preserve the Jewish people. This story was the motivation for my next project, Selena Gomez and the Time Traveler from Alcatraz.

The Time Jumper

Although Selena is member of UMG, I do not believe that she is aware of the way her organization is silencing her fans. In this way, Selena is like Queen Esther. Playing the part of Mordecai, I created the series Selena Gomez and the Time Traveler from Alcatraz as an attempt to get Selena’s help in preventing her company from destroying us. I uploaded the series onto YouTube in the summer of 2018.

The Octopus Society

Knowing that UMG could shut me down again, I decided to tell my stories through parables. Instead of criticizing UMG plainly, I criticized a fictional group called The Octopus Society.


The Octopus Society represents Hollywood. The goal of the Octopus Society is to take over the world. Of course, not everyone in Hollywood is trying to monopolize humanity. Thus, the future of the society is that they must divide into two groups: those who seek power at the cost of destroying life, and those who seek to make mankind better through storytelling. As stated in the preface, my story was written for The Octopus Society, but it is only intended for the latter of the two groups.

Merging Fact with Fiction

Because of UMG's power to censor stories, I have disguised many truths of my story with fictional elements. The problem with merging fact and fiction in this manner, is that no one knows what is true and what is false. And so long as there are fictional aspects of my story, how can anyone believe anything?

I suppose the better way to tell the story would be to state things plainly. But if groups like UMG are going to edit a true story so it does not mean the same thing, then the fiction is inevitable. I believe it is better to self censor then to be censored. To self censor is to retain control of my own story and my property. Therefore, it is left for the reader to guess what is fact and what is fiction and for the writer to know for sure.

Ready to Give Up

Selena Gomez and the Time Traveler from Alcatraz was going to be my last attempt to reach Selena. I had been trying for four years. The game was losing its appeal. I had transitioned from a filmmaker who was homeless by convenience to a homeless man who made films when convenient. I found myself spending more and more time just trying to survive. (Below left is me with a few of my homeless friends.)

When Time Traveler from Alcatraz ended, it was apparent that, although people were watching my show, it would not be enough to connect me to Selena. The show was a failure. I was ready to give up.

At that time, I had been completely self dependent, meaning I relied on my street show, to provide for food and other needs. I did not receive governmental assistance such as food stamps or Obamacare. But then, One day, one of my fillings came out and my tooth shattered which led to a semi-serious medical situation. And I had no way of relieving the pain. That's when I met a dentist named Lizzie (Above right). She convinced me to accept dental assistance. Then, as my new dentist, she taught me the importance of relying on other people. She said that, although I can play every character in my show, in the real world, I cannot survive on my own. In a society, everyone has a part to play and we all work as a team to fulfill each other's needs. Perhaps, if I let people help me with my show, I will have more success.

YouTube shooting

Around this same time, in San Diego, there was another woman who, like me, was angry because YouTube had censored her videos. Also, like me, this woman drove to San Francisco to visit YouTube headquarters. Unlike me, she brought a gun and opened fire inside the building, wounding several employees and killing herself.

Peaceful Protests

I do NOT agree with this woman’s actions. However, I do understand her frustration. Later, I learned that a movement against YouTube and UMG is gaining momentum.

YouTube is the voice of Hollywood disguised as the voice of the public. But people are waking up to the fact that they are being misrepresented. Until YouTube becomes more transparent about who they serve, they will continue to receive criticism. Although this criticism should be presented in peaceful ways, such as videos that seek to educate, if YouTube and Hollywood continue to shut down criticism, peaceful protests will, inevitably, evolve into more, violent outbursts (Matt. 11:12-13). 


A few months after the shooting I returned to YouTube headquarters to take pictures for this site. The campus was surrounded by security. It looked as though YouTube was preparing for war. It was at that time that I decided to continue my peaceful quest to contact Selena. 

Replicating the Method

Although I understood the matrix years ago, I had not used the method to write a story for two reasons. The first is that the method takes A LONG TIME to employ.

The second is that the method tends to make a story boring. The structure requires lots of repetition and over-explanation. Hence, the Bible breaks all the rules designed to keep the reader's attention. 


The fact is, a writer who uses the matrix is less concerned with the reader's attention. The purpose for the method was to hide information. Thus, again, I had no reason to use the method prior to 2017. But after UMG shut down my channel, I realized the value of the hidden word.


My first attempt to replicate the method was with a story called, The Papyrus of Calypso. After working on the narrative for three months, it was WAY too long to make into a film and I was forced to abandon the project.

For my second attempt, I created a 5 minute story. When I applied the method, the story expanded into 40 minutes. The final draft was 11 pages and took three and a half months to write (about 700 hours). This story is entitled, The Book of Epimetheus.

The Book of Epimetheus

In 2019, I finished making the film The Book of Epimetheus. It is a story about a pirate named John who has the combination to a box that no one else can open. This is the first time the matrix method has been used since the creation of the Book of Revelation 2,000 years ago.


I have included the script below for authentication purposes, but no one can authenticate it until I share the method. Nonetheless, here it is.

NOTE: Please forgive me for the grammar in this document. The matrix method employs certain rules that go against many modern practices used in English grammar. (Biblical writers did not use punctuation.)

Biometric Code

One of the advantages of the matrix method is that it is capable of employing biometric technology. 


A biometric code is a program that analyzes unique characteristics to identify individuals. Examples of this include technologies that use fingerprint or facial recognition. The purpose of a biometric code is to protect private properties by granting access to individuals with approved unique characteristics and denying access to others. In other words, biometric codes help ensure that properties cannot be stolen. In cases wherein two parties claim to own the same property, a biometric code can be used to authenticate the true owner.

A literary biometric code is a story that supplies private information to readers with certain characteristics while denying the information to readers who lack the required attributes. This selective distribution of information occurs by hiding references within a story that certain people will understand and others will not.


This division in narrative interpretation influences the readers to behave in different ways, thus separating readers into two groups: Common readers and privileged readers.

Parable of the Ten Virgins

For example, in the Biblical story of the ten virgins, everyone is waiting to go to a wedding, but the groom is late. When the best man arrives to escort the guests to the wedding hall, it is night and only half of the guests have working lamps that allow them to travel in the dark, thus separating the population into two groups: Common guests and privileged guests. 

This tale, narrated by Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago, seems, on the surface, to be nothing more than a story about a wedding. But to a modern reader, it can be understood as a explanation of how biometric codes work. Thus, a modern reader is privileged to hidden information within the Bible that previous readers did not have access to. 

This hidden Biblical information, intended for modern readers, is found throughout the Bible…

A Time Machine

Over the past few years, as I learned about the Matrix method, I came to understand that the Bible used biometric technology to hide information that could be used as a blueprint for building a machine. The word of God, as contained in 42 of the 66 books of the Bible, was a letter that we humans wrote to ourselves.


It was written in the future and delivered to the past to be read in the present.

Global Warming

In 2018, the United Nations issued a warning that if humans do not change our behavior by 2040, climate change will take the lives of millions of individuals. The UN warned that we could enter an era wherein the extinction of mankind is inevitable.


Then in 2020, the outbreak of a disease, now known as the Coronavirus (COVID-19), created a global pandemic that threatened the survival of the human race. Governments all over the world raced to shut down businesses and schools in an attempt to slow the virus from overtaking our species.

Time for Division

Many people criticize Christians for stories regarding the end of the world and a messiah who can save mankind. Yet, at a time like this, the reality of such a story would be of great benefit to the human race.


As of now, the death of our species is avoidable. All people have to do is keep the rules. The UN has issued regulations that can prevent the earth's atmosphere from spiraling into a state wherein good health cannot be maintained. The CDC has issued regulations that can prevent life threatening virus from spreading and mutating and overtaking our species.


However, we have reached a chapter in humanity wherein people refuse to keep rules. Though death is our destination, and mankind can change his path, there are some who refuse to turn. This poses a threat to everyone else who is keeping the rules. Hence, it is my belief that we have reached a moment in time when mankind must divide into two groups. Those who are willing to follow rules must divide from those who do not.

Noah's Machine

In the Bible, there is a story of a man named Noah who claimed he could speak to God. Noah warned that the world was about to end. He said water would fall from the sky and kill millions of people.


Then, Noah offered a solution: a machine that could float on water and preserve everyone inside. Today, boats are considered a simple technology, but back then, it was an outrageous idea. For this reason, no one believed Noah. Then, when the waters fell, they all died.


In our day, science suggests that the Biblical flood never occurred. Academics say the story is fiction. And yet, this same tale is told by the Sumerians, the Mesoamericans, the Greeks, the Chinese, the Norse, the Hawiians. Even mankind's oldest great work of literature, The Epic of Gilgamesh, tells the story of a worldwide flood.

It is as though this tale of fiction is hiding some kind of deep truth. It is as if, for some reason, mankind censored the truth and the only one who knows what really happened is the writer.


But I know what happened. Noah's ark was not a boat. It was a time machine. And I know how to build it!

The Solution to Death

A time machine would solve the problem of species extinction by relocating a small group of people from the end of the world, back to the beginning.


My guess is that other people also have solutions to the global warming crisis and other problems that humans face. But if our voices get shut down by companies, like UMG, who seek for profit as the expense of survival, then the extinction of our species is unavoidable. 

I implore the people of Hollywood - the great men and women of The Octopus Society - to censor yourselves and let us speak. I ask you to let me speak and to let me contact Selena Gomez.

But more than that, I ask you to let God speak. I ask you to close your eyes and listen to the greatest storyteller in the universe. Right now, he is not silent. He whispers a story of hope.

cowboy Jonny.jpg

 By recognizing signs and symbols, a reader may know when he is approaching the end of a story. Likewise, I realize that the story I have been creating for God is nearing its final chapter. 


Coincidentally, it appears that we are approaching the final chapter of mankind, as well. The question is whether the story will have a sequel - whether the end will be the beginning - or whether our voice will be silenced, forever.

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