Finding actors to be in my movies has always been a challenge. The problem was solved in 2015 when I started using puppets. However, before that, I tried animation. 

My animation phase lasted about a year. I quit because the time dedicated to animating a movie is not worth the benefits.

Jonny Lekrib Saves Christmas

This is a clip from my Christmas special Jonny Lekrib Saves Christmas.

Here, Jonny and Rachel discuss their plan to gather the neighborhood children and invade the North Pole. The movie ends with an army of kids fighting Santa and his elves. Ultimately, the animation took too long to do and I had to abandon the project.

Mr. Fig

Mr. Fig explores the disappointing life of the stick figure. I wanted this to become a YouTube series but the show was censored so I quit.

The Scroll

For two years, I was hired as an Illustrator for The Scroll, the university newspaper in Rexburg, Idaho.

Inside Out Parenting

I also did one panel comics for the book entitled Inside Out Parenting by Anson Service.


The DTR (Define The Relationship) was a weekly comic strip I did in college for the university's newspaper. The cartoon was about the awkward dating habits of Christian young adults. It's based on my personal experiences and observations, but does not, necessarily, reflect my opinions on such issues.

I was employed by The Scroll for 2 years. The following is a sample of my work.