California Deleted Videos - 2005

This is Episode One of my California Documentary.

Six Flags

This is from the time when me and my friends skipped work to go to Six Flags.

Malibu Sucks

This is the last time I filmed my friend Isaac before he passed away.

Third Street and Hollywood

Years before working at the Third Street Promenade, I went their on a weekend. I went there with two girls; I pretended to be Elton John; and we listened to some guy play Achy Breaky Heart on his drums. The night was a foreshadow of events to come...

The Prostitute

One night a woman asked me for a ride home. then, we had a wonderful conversation about rainbows. Later, I found out she was a prostitute and it changed the meaning of the conversation.

I believe in You

This is a music video I made with the guys. Later, we had to censor it for public viewing so, it is not even worth watching anymore.

Documentary Episode 3 

This is episode 3 of my California Documentary.

Road Trip

This is a video that documents my road trip from California to Utah to begin college.

More Deleted Scenes

To watch more videos that were not in my story, click on a link below.

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