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California Extra Videos - 2005

One summer, I went to California to sell pest control service door-to-door. Accompanying me was my brother Jason and some of our former high school friends.

This is a commercial Jason and I made for our pest control service. It never aired.

I filmed the entire summer and made a documentary. This is an advertisement for the show The Slaves of Santa Clarita (2005).

Episode 1

This is Episode One of my California Documentary.

Episode 2

Six Flags

This is from the time when me and my friends skipped work to go to Six Flags.

Malibu Sucks

This is the last time I filmed my friend Isaac before he passed away.

Third Street and Hollywood

Years before working at the Third Street Promenade, I went their on a weekend. I went there with two girls; I pretended to be Elton John; and we listened to some guy play Achy Breaky Heart on his drums. The night was a foreshadow of events to come...

The Prostitute

One night a woman asked me for a ride home. then, we had a wonderful conversation about rainbows. Later, I found out she was a prostitute and it changed the meaning of the conversation.

I believe in You

This is a music video I made with the guys. Later, we had to censor it for public viewing so, it is not even worth watching anymore.

The Death of Isaac

During the summer when I sold pest control, my roommate Isaac got into a car accident and passed away. This was my first encounter with death.

Documentary Episode 3 

This is episode 3 of my California Documentary.

Road Trip

This is a video that documents my road trip from California to Utah to begin college.

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