Chapter Five

In 2005, I moved to California to sell pest control service door-to-door. Accompanying me was my brother Jason and some of our former high school friends.

I hated knocking on doors, but because of my experience on a mission, I was good at it. That summer I raised $33,000 in three months. But I didn't care about the money. I wanted to make movies...

Making Movies on the side

In my spare time, I made a documentary of our experience as door-to-door salesmen. At this time, my videos were getting longer and my stories were becoming more complex.

The Birth of YouTube

This was the same year that YouTube was created. YouTube was the first popular video sharing website that allowed users to upload their films online.


Below, I have included a video from SMOSH to show where the world of home movie making was in 2005. I have also included two of my own videos to provide a comparison between my films and those from other popular nonprofessionals of the time.

The Death of Isaac

That summer, on 4th of July weekend, my roommate Isaac got into a car accident and passed away. This was my first encounter with death.

Leading up to his death were lots of strange coincidences: conversations that seemed to foreshadow what was to come, interactions that allowed us to savor our final moments with our friend. As I spoke with the other guys, we realized that the coincidences were not few but overwhelming.

Then I theorized: What if every person’s life is a story. What if existence has a language. What if nature follows some kind of literary method - with rules and patterns. What if our perception that life is random and nonsensical is only because we do not understand how to read the pages of our own book? 


If my theory is true, then understanding this language could change the way we perceive the world. It would allow us to know when death was coming the same way a reader knows when he is approaching the end of a book. It would allow us understand our purpose in life and feel comfort in death. It would change the way we communicate with each other. It would change our motivations for living. 


But how does one go about learning the language of existence?

princess_0099 2.jpg

The summer of 2005 was the coming of age chapter of my story for God. When it was finished, I parted ways with my brother and high school friends and entered the second act of my life: It was time to get married and begin my career. 

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