I am a Time Traveler

My name is Jonny LekribA few years ago, I discovered that I am a time travelerI also learned that the world is about to end, but I can save the human race by relocating a small community of people into the past.


If you believe you are predestined to travel with us, then you must read my story (official trailer below). This site is a record of my attempt to build the world's first time machine.

Ancient Writing Method

In 2014, I had three dreams wherein Selena Gomez, the singer, told me the Bible was created using a lost writing method. Selena said she would teach me the method if I promised not to show anyone until I found her and confirmed that it was real. So, I made the promise, and she showed me the method.

When I awakened, I saw that the method was as real as a limerick, a haiku, or a chiasm. For some reason, when the creators of the Bible wrote the text, they followed rules. They used a pattern.


Over the next four years, I learned that the purpose for the method was to hide blueprints that explained how to build a time machine. The reason for the time machine was to preserve mankind from the end of the world, which will take place in the near future.

Finding Selena

Because the method was real, I interpreted the dream literally. I determined that I would not show the method to anyone until I met with Selena Gomez... But how?

In 2015, I quit my job and began creating a YouTube series that was designed to help me contact Selena.

The Lost Toys

Because I had no actors to help me with the show, I employed lost toys that were abandoned on Santa Monica beach. In time, I became a puppet master.

The Octopus Society

In time I learned that there are two groups of people who are suppose to travel with me into the past. The first group consists of individuals from the LGBT community. Because of their unique genetic characteristics, they play a vital role in the survival of the colony after relocating to different time.

The second group consists of individuals who, like me, have had strange dreams about time travel and the end of the world. These people have gathered together to form an organization that identifies itself with the symbol of an octopus. If you have been having crazy dreams, and you believe you are destined to travel into the past, consider yourself a potential member of the Octopus Society.

Become a Time Traveler

After I locate Selena and confirm that this method is real, I will begin building the time machine. If you believe your destiny is to be a part of this historic project, continue my story in one of the following ways:

Friends of Selena Gomez,

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LGBT community,

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Octopus Society,

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